Case Formulation: Exploring Theory into Practice

WrightLink Ltd. have actively delivered case formulation-based training courses and workshops to multi-agency teams supporting children and young people since 2012. Our approach in this field has been evaluated by professionals nationally, and has been recognised by many services as significantly improving the level of psychological knowledge and subsequent practice of professionals. In particular, our support to both Oxfordshire YOS and Buckinghamshire YOS surrounding case formulation has significantly impacted upon HMIP inspection findings, with both services being identified as adopting an ‘innovative approach’ to multi agency case management based upon our support.

In 2015, YJB Cymru initiated a pilot of case formulation approach for complex cases of young people engaging with 4 YOTs in Wales, which is currently subject to formal evaluation. WrightLink Ltd are pleased to be aware of this pilot study; we are also proud to be recognised by our clients as the first national company to provide such specialist support to services in England for 4 years. This package of support is delivered by clinical and/or forensic psychologists in collaboration with youth justice specialists with expertise in children and young people who may be at risk of, or have engaged in unhelpful, harm-related behaviour.

The focus of this support package is to provide professionals with the relevant theory, research evidence, and practice-based skills support to undertake multi-agency case formulations which explores the possible origin, development, and maintenance of problem behaviour and to understand how case formulation helps to produce individualised, tailored intervention plans to support the presenting needs of the client.  This is achieved through the use of real case studies to support professionals to develop their knowledge, skills, and practice surrounding case formulation and intervention planning in a safe and supportive coaching context.