Trauma Informed Care/Practice (TIP)

This training package has been designed to be delivered over 2 days to ensure sufficient space for the introduction of theoretical material as well as consideration of how this translates into meaningful practice through direct reflective and experiential workshop exercises – find out more

Forensic Case Formulation - Principles and Practice

The focus of this support package is to provide professionals with the relevant psychological theory, research evidence, and practice-based skills support to undertake multi-agency forensic case formulations; this ensures practitioners produce robust, psychologically informed, developmentally sensitive hypotheses regarding the possible origin, development, and maintenance of problem behaviour – find out more


WrightLink Ltd provide a diverse range of performance support services based upon the specific needs and requests of clients. These include reflective/clinical supervision, pre and post inspection improvement support, on-site practice-based coaching workshops and much more.


Wrightlink Ltd are qualified to provide an exclusive range of training and coaching support packages. Services range from forensic risk assessment and report writing skills to forensic interviewing skills and emotional management with young people.


WrightLink Ltd offers bespoke research services and statistical analyses across a range of areas. Our team are also qualified and trained in a variety of specialist risk assessment tools and therapeutic interventions.

Recent feedback…

“Very informative combining theory and practice. Brilliant training. Good knowledge and thought provoking.”

“…was very inclusive and created a safe space for all delegates. [The trainer] was also very open, honest and transparent which I feel added to the delivery. I feel I learnt a lot from the 4 days of the training and very grateful for the knowledge that has been shared.”

“Amazing training. Delivered very well. The activities were enjoyable and helpful. Good balance of activities and context.”

Barnet Youth Offending Service July 2019July 2019

“Excellent delivery, easy to understand, applying theory to practice, igniting curiosity.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful 2 days of training. It has been the most enjoyable, informative and thought-provoking training I have been on to date.”

Barnet Youth Offending Service
Barnet Youth Offending ServiceForensic Case Formulation (June 2019)

“Keep bringing him back. He’s FAB.  Honestly one of the best lectures all year.  Very well explained and presented in a very useful way.  BRILLIANT.”

University of Portsmouth: Department of Forensic Psychology
University of Portsmouth: Department of Forensic PsychologyOffence Paralleling Behaviour Guest Lecture (May 2019)

“Andi’s energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills has been contagious.  This training has been outstanding – one to be remembered!”

Wokingham YOSForensic Case Formulation (May 2019)